Uni Light Company develops activities and support in various ways, one of them is a cooperation to educate students of architecture and design. The proof is a successful cooperation with a school “Design Škola v Praze” , where in a cooperation with their leadership, lectures for students are organized. The topics are such as current trends of design and light design.

Another example is a successful cooperation in various semester assignments in the “Fakulta designu na Vysokej Škole výtvarných umení v Bratislave“, under the leadership of Ferdinand Chrenko where the students guided by the teaching staff and with Uni Light consulting they designed sets of light devices, from the wall to cieling up to the standing types. The actual model items had a major success at various design exhibitions nationwide and abroad.

In case there is an interest for lectures, training and presentations of trends and light design, we’ll be happy to organize the same for students of architecture and design or for project professionals.

Besides those we provide presentations in the field of regulation and intelligent control of light used for buildings. We have a presentation room set up for this purpose in our showroom and you can get a guided tour as well as presentation samples. There is no problem for us to bring the lectures mentioned above to the place of your business, lecture hall or workshop.

Register yourself if you are interested to get detailed information.

We will welcome any new activity together which will make it possible for us to get to know new partners and future colleagues.
The firm Uni Light sponsors mototeam Prorace.