Uni Light Corporation was established in 1990 to provide professionals and advanced lay customers with indoor and outdoor light systems, as well as with individual lights at the highest professional level.

These light devices are products of world renowned manufacturers. In first place they excel in quality and wide variety of design. In effort to reach the perfect results in their application and arrangement , Uni Light has a focus and is very active in providing and set up of light projects and tasks of light regulation which correspond with the most advanced trends in this field. Thus the optimum light effect is achieved , accomodating situations which take place in a given space with the best possible energy economy at the same time.

This shows that Uni Light Corporation does not only market quality brands of lights and light technology but also provides know – how and satisfaction of requirements for clients to achieve optimum lighting.

Showrooms with presentable exhibitions are available in Prague and Bratislava, where we provide services free of charge, our architects and engineers go abroad and get regular trainings directly from the manufacturers. This shows that Uni Light Corporation is ready at the highest level not only to arrange product offers, but also maintains this level from the point of view of service providing.