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LED lightning

LED lighting

LED technology

LED technology is becomming an icon of 21-st century. It is used in many technical and art fields, first of all thanks to the advantages, such as low electricity consumption (10 times lower), higher efficiency (90% of energy converts to light, classical lightbulbs just 3 to 5% ), longevity (50000 to 100 000 hours) also ease of control , comfort and visual effect. The firm Uni Light has been busy with two directions of this technology, one towards RGB and the other
towards white LED. Both are easy to apply in common households, administration, entertainment or public sector.


The first direction is designated with color change of the light using three basic colors R (red) G (green) B (blue) .

Thanks to various softwares, intelligent control units and devices today we are able to program LED diodes. This opens up completely new fields in the use of light itself.

Through a communication protocol this whole system is able to define, for LED source an exact shade from a 16 million color range, or to replay any light effect from the transfer of color shades through stroboscope up to large LED picture screens.


LED white

White LED showed up around 10 years ago when LED came to markets in larger quantities. In this branch from the start there was a tendency to achieve qualities of light equal to traditional sources and then replace them completely (the guess is that in 5 years range this could happen). Current technology abilities of producers brought a new dimension of light control and regulation because it is possible to control temperature and power of the LED light on line. So called power LED is a novelty in the offered product range, thanks to optical adjustments their output of light matches halogen spotlights, while the energy use is much lower.


Zdroje světla AJ


The Uni Light Praha studio has been offering its services to architects and designers for more than 20 years. Apart from being a major importer of both design and industrial lighting devices by world-famous brands, we offer a wide range of services from simple consulting sessions to complex lighting design projects. We always approach the design project so that there is maximum agreement with both the architect and investor, and we respect their ideas which can be, thanks to our experience, developed further towards the perfect result.

We offer a wide and varied range of products – from leading Italian designer brands (Flos, Artemide, Catellani & Smith, Kundalini, Panzeri) to classic and luxurious chandeliers (Masiero, Barovier Toso, Patrizia Volpato, De Majo) and professional industrial and architectural lighting (Reggiani, Prolicht, Hoffmeister, AC-DC).

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