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Commercial Systems

For projects beyond the limits of residential space Lutron developed an extensive group of products, which forms an integrated entirety. For these applications the company offers HW and SW elements from assembled transfer boxes, panels, switchboards up to processors. Together they form, as if a harmonic group which is programmed and on that basis it can automatize the control of daylight and artificial light connected to an astronomic clock or to an individual user.

It is important to mention that in extensive projects Lutron concept saves operators electric energy, operating and maintenance costs. Besides this useful trait it adds other values and those are comfort and reliability.

Lutron adapts itself to every project according to the priorities of the customer. It reacts to changes in disposition, purpose or operation of a room or space. Thanks to flexibility this inteligent light control system can be used in operations of hotels, restaurants, administrative buildings, marketing and entertainment centers, in public space etc.

For the system to function correctly and flawlessly it is inevitable to lay some basis of pre-programmed system parts by a specialist - trained employee from Lutron corporation. In case of future operational changes this employee can make a connection from a distant place and easily make the changes for the client.



Users can control the system by software or from the wall control devices from several locations. Pre-set scenes can be activated and zones can be controlled by pushing one button. The system can be accessed anytime from anywhere thruogh a protected connection. For easy navigation and control of given spaces it is possible to use a grafic control software.


The range of system can start from low end up to higher levels and easy upgrading is possible anytime.


The system is easy to integrate with other systems including audiovisual, with scenes, security equipment and with touch pads.


The control function keeps the system in optimal state for a required output. Client adapted user range protects it from unauthorized use.


The system cooperates with existing Lutron systems and makes it easy to arrange these systems for operation.


Lutron systems with their design, quality control, and output are beyond reach of the competition. In case of unusual situations the normal operation without interruption is assured by a multiple backup system.



The Uni Light Praha studio has been offering its services to architects and designers for more than 20 years. Apart from being a major importer of both design and industrial lighting devices by world-famous brands, we offer a wide range of services from simple consulting sessions to complex lighting design projects. We always approach the design project so that there is maximum agreement with both the architect and investor, and we respect their ideas which can be, thanks to our experience, developed further towards the perfect result.

We offer a wide and varied range of products – from leading Italian designer brands (Flos, Artemide, Catellani & Smith, Kundalini, Panzeri) to classic and luxurious chandeliers (Masiero, Barovier Toso, Patrizia Volpato, De Majo) and professional industrial and architectural lighting (Reggiani, Prolicht, Hoffmeister, AC-DC).

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