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Home Systems

Lutron makes it possible to change and control lights and a light ambiance, which surrounds you in you home environment, whether it is an idividual room, apartment unit, whole indoor and outdoor of the house. Lutron is able to reflect the life inside the objects. By pushing one button

you can set not only lights, music, TV, projector and other units which help you to adapt your home ambiance to daytime or to variuos occasions.

Lutron can interconnect the artificial and daylight intelligently with the help of built-in shadow units and lights into mutually balanced light scenes.

The light system not only controls the shadow units but also offers these compatible components in many variations and designs. This way optimal efficacy and comfort is reached according to the wishes of the user and all this at significant energy savings.





Users can control the system with software or wall control units from a number of locations. It is possible to activate pre-programmed scenes and to control the zones by pushing one button.


It is easy to integrate the system with other elctronically controlled equipment of the interior (indoors) or it can be arranged into superior control systems which control the operation by touch control displays.


There is a wide range of wall control unit components from which you can choose according to your requirements for surface arrangement looks, in order to supplement the style in your home.

In the common way to control lights it is sometimes required to have a large amount of unmarked switches and dimmers next to each door in the house, thanks to Lutron intelligence this amount is reduced to minimum. Lutron has the same range of materials and shapes available not only for the wall control units but also for other items like wall sockets, switches, dimmers, shades and draperies...


System Homeworks is able to simulate lights during your absence as it records the use of light history in a certain time segment, which you set. With one button you can connect two targets in the house, for example the parents bedroom with the children’s bedroom. Night hours orientation is made easier when you simply light up the required path between rooms.



The Uni Light Praha studio has been offering its services to architects and designers for more than 20 years. Apart from being a major importer of both design and industrial lighting devices by world-famous brands, we offer a wide range of services from simple consulting sessions to complex lighting design projects. We always approach the design project so that there is maximum agreement with both the architect and investor, and we respect their ideas which can be, thanks to our experience, developed further towards the perfect result.

We offer a wide and varied range of products – from leading Italian designer brands (Flos, Artemide, Catellani & Smith, Kundalini, Panzeri) to classic and luxurious chandeliers (Masiero, Barovier Toso, Patrizia Volpato, De Majo) and professional industrial and architectural lighting (Reggiani, Prolicht, Hoffmeister, AC-DC).

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