Uni Light currently focuses on 4 main activities

1. Import and sales of indoor and outdoor light technology.
Wholesale and retail with exclusive representation of renown companies. Wide range of indoor and outdoor design and technical lights for private and commercial projects.

2. LED technologies
Sales of complete LED light systems by the firm Color Kinetics /USA/ through interior components up to the exterior flood lights for large built objects with the possibility of color combination – RGB, programmimg and inter-connection with the light regulation system Lutron.

3. Intelligent control and light regulation /dimmer system/
Since 1992 Uni Light cooperates with the American firm Lutron /USA/. Part of the cooperation is to process the design proposition and to secure the supplies, launch and programming of the dimmer system. Diversity and the system range of use offers solutions for a wide range of projects from the private residential, restaurants, up to complex outfiting for buildings, hotels and large administrative units with inter-connection to building management system (BMS).

4. Light designing
To reach a higher professional level of service – sales Uni Light relies on the light design department which is an integral part of the company. On various customer orders the work is done by professional specialists with high qualifications, who are able to apply what you visualize, and based on project documentation, facilities and supplements to create a functional and effective light system for your space layout.